Other Services

Safe Deposit Boxes: You can keep your valuables safe with us. Safe deposit boxes are available in a variety of sizes and for as little as $8.00 a year. Don't risk losing your valuables to a storm, fire or burglary. Come see us today to keep your valuables safe.

VISA Check Card: With the VISA Check Card, you can purchase goods and services with funds from your checking account wherever VISA is accepted worldwide. Use the card instead of a check for purchases at restaurants, department stores, gas stations, mail order catalogs and more! This card will provide great convenience to you, and you can use it as your ATM card too! Apply for a Visa Check Card today!

Instakey ATM Card: This card is available to anyone with a Marion National Bank savings account. You can use it to withdraw cash, verify account balances, or transfer funds from one account to another.

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